While I am not normally a numbers person, there have been some numbers I’ve been paying plenty of attention to lately.  This whole trying to lose weight thing has been rough.  As long as I keep track of the number of calories I consume, as well as the number of calories I exert, I can stay focused.

My focus on those numbers has been a little lackluster as of late.  But, today.  Today I regained some focus.  Sorg and I went to the gym this morning.  Before we headed out, I entered my morning calorie intake.  While I had eaten more than I should have (there were some leftover Oreos from the wedding cake samples yesterday) my calorie intake wasn’t that bad.

With that knowledge in hand, I was able to work harder at the gym.  And, work harder I certainly did.  30 minutes on the cross trainer for a total of 326 calories, and 1 hour on the treadmill on maximum “hill” setting for a total of 800 calories meant my workout was worth 1126 calories to offset those Oreos!

My hope is that I can keep on track and manage those numbers to assist in lowering another number as summer approaches.


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