Today Is My Baby Sister’s 30th Birthday

I’m not one of those OH-MY-GOD-I’M-GETTING-OLD kind of people.  In my opinion, age is a state of mind.  As long as you think and feel young, you can still be young at heart – even if you’re 87.

I do periodically have one of those moments where my physical age creeps up and taps me on the shoulder.  Today is one of those days.  My baby sister (she loves it when I call her that, I’m sure) turns 30 today.  Which means I will be 34 this year.

34 isn’t 54.  But, it’s not 24 either.

I’m certainly not saying I want to go back to 24.  But, there are certainly things I’ve wanted to accomplish before I hit 35.  Which means I have a little over year to get my butt in gear.

In the meantime, I’m going to take the day to wish my little sister a happy birthday – and to welcome her to life after the 20s.  Here’s to hoping her day is as wonderful and special as she is.


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