Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

The answer to that question is ZOMG I NEED ALL THE SLEEP!

As previously indicated, yesterday I ventured out for a roadtrip to Cleveland.  Average drive time from the ‘Burgh to Cleveland is, give or take, about two hours.  When one of our roadtrippers lives in California, Pennsylvania, it added a wee bit more time to that leg of the trip.  Pittsburgh to California is about an hour.  California to Cleveland required a little bit of backtracking, and took about three hours.  Our two-hour drive turned into a four-hour drive.  But, it was okay.  It just meant more time for roadtrip shenanigans.  And, oh there were definitely shenanigans.

So, the show we were going to see was the AIW anniversary show in Cleveland.  Despite the cramped seating and lack of air at the venue, the show was pretty damn good.  It was my first show for that fed, but I knew some of the talent from working with other wrestling feds in the area.  It was nice seeing what they’re all up to.

The show itself started about an hour late.  (Not surprising.  It was, after all, indy wrestling time.)  It wrapped up after midnight, and we of course had to stop for our traditional post-show Denny’s,  I’m not at all familiar with the Cleveland area.  Unlike Pittsburgh, there aren’t multiple Denny’s restaurants scattered throughout various parts of the city.  Our map showed us one option.

Hopping on the roadways in Cleveland is akin to roadway roulette.  The one exit our GPS was telling us to take was confused with a different roadway because it wasn’t clearly marked.  Once we got straightened back out, it turns out the exit off that route was actually closed for construction – without a clear delineation for a detour.  Soooo, back to the GPS.  The third time was a charm.  We finally found our way successfully to Denny’s.

After our bellies were full, we piled back in the car to start the return trek home.

I drove the entire way.  Sorg offered to take over at one point, but I was on my second, or third, or fourth wind – so I kept going.  I drove the entire trip, to Cleveland, back to California, and finally back home.

Our trip lasted a whopping sixteen hours from start to finish.  It was when I finally walked in the door back home, after the sun had risen on a new day, that I realized just how tired I was.  I crawled into bed, hugged my pillow and my cat (only because he wouldn’t leave me alone and kept rubbing his face against my mine) and passed out in a matter of minutes.

And, it was glorious.


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