It’s Go Time

Today I restarted my weight loss plan.  I’ve put on more weight than I want to even think about over the last month.  Today, I started back to the no sugar, no carbs plan that was really successful earlier this year in helping me drop over twenty pounds.

And, I’m not a fan of it.

Do you know how difficult it is to adhere to a diet plan when you’re traveling?  No carbs means no bread.  And, you can’t exactly order an MTO hoagie without bread.  (Seriously, I tried it at Sheetz.  There wasn’t an option.)

So, I opted for a pre-packed thing of veggies.  I supplemented that with some pepperoni to add some protein.  And, I got a GIANT bottle of water.

And, I realize I’m likely going to be miserable (primarily from the cold-turkey caffeine withdrawal) until I get things more straightened out and get back into the swing of how happy I was when I originally did this a few months ago.


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