It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

Why, yes.  Yes, I am listening to White Wedding.

White Wedding

And, yes.  Yes, it is a nice day to start again, Billy Idol.

With that said, I am working on my list of fresh starts for tomorrow.  Nothing major.  Baby steps.

First on the list: Getting back to the gym.  I’ve now been away for about 6 months.  Not cool, yo!  In addition to weight gain, I have a variety of other things attributable to the lack of gymness.  It definitely has to change.

Second on the list: Food consumption.  As in, I really need to eat better things.  Soda has found its way back into my Top 10 items consumed.  And, that’s just not good.  Empty calories.  Constant dehydration.  Heartburn.  Not cool, yo!


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