I swear I have the absolutely worst case of ADD lately.  Take now, for instance.  I sat down with my laptop to work on some, you know, work things.  Instead, I’m sitting here writing up a blog post.

Granted, one of my recent goals has been to write more.  So, I guess I’m fulfilling that goal.  (Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself to rationalize that it’s okay for me to do this instead of working on newsletters, etc.)

This brings me to question why I put things off when I know I need to do them.  The answer comes down to my fear of change.  Newsletters, and event planning are things that need to be done to accomplish the goals I am setting out trying to accomplish – both in an effort to move Sorg’s things forward, but also to help move my things forward.  By “my” things, I mean my efforts to see if I can branch out with something on my own, similar to Sorg’s things, that could earn me some local influence as well as some monetary gain.

I have blinders on when I’m at my 9-5.  I sit down and I work.  I do what I’m supposed to do.  I think outside the box when I need to, but I’m otherwise content working on the tasks at hand.  When I come home to work on my own things the blinders come off and I find myself looking at so many options that I take on the least life changing – like writing a blog post, instead of doing something like working on a business plan I’ve had 75% completed for the last 3 months.

So, maybe since I’ve just figured this out I should wrap up this blog post and go work on that business plan, huh?


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