The Post-PodCamp Return to “Normal”

Each year this happens.  Each year I say I’m not going to let it happen.  But, let’s be honest.  I need to take a break from social media things after PodCamp – take some time to recharge the batteries.

This year, I’m actually returning to things!  (Yay.  Go, me!)

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity.  I was working a second job for a short stint – on top of my 9-5, and on top of my tasks for Sorgatron Media and PodCamp.  So, I guess I was actually working a fourth job?  Yes.  That didn’t last long.  Burnout was imminent, so I pulled the trigger and put that second job out of my misery.

However, I haven’t seen much by way of downtime either.

I’ve used the time to look over some figures following this year’s event.  And, I’ve taken the time to help get some of Sorg’s things in order.  I think we have a good team at the helm to be able to get things rolling.  I don’t want to say too much at this point, because I don’t want to jinx it.

The biggest bout of weirdness occurred this week when I hit a slight snag in the return to normal.  That snag saw me hitting up a MedExpress with what I thought was a rash that made me want to rip my shoulder off – a relatively small area that was red, slightly blistered, and felt like 100 mosquito bites on top of a 2nd degree sunburn.  I figured the folks at MedExpress would diagnose some sort of poison ivy-ish deal, give me some steroids to help my system fight it, and send me on my merry way.  Boy was I caught off guard when they diagnosed shingles.  (Pssst.  I’m 35.  Shingles isn’t something I figured I would have to worry about for at least another 20ish years.  I can’t even ask my doctor for a shingles vaccine because I don’t meet the age requirements.  What the heck, universe?!?!?)  So, instead of steroids, I’ve been on an an anti-viral for the past few days, bought stock in a Hydrocortisone topical cream company, and have tried my darndest to try to kick back and relax.  This weekend has been better than earlier in the week, so I’m hopeful I’ll be kicking the effects in the near term.  But, it’s given me plenty of time to catch up on some much needed laptop work – including all of the stuff I’ve marked off my to-do list so I could try to get back to writing over here.

Hooray for agendas and lists, and actually accomplishing some of the things I’ve set out to do with the post-podcamp enthusiasm to create!


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