No, that doesn’t represent a tax form.  That would be the results of my workout at the gym today.

Keeping track of my weight loss – by counting calories consumed and burned, seems to be one of the ways I can keep my mind focused on something other than that ticking clock in my uterus.

It’s nice being able to plug in my earphones, queue up some Pandora, and just pound it out on the machines.  That 1299 calories equated to 2 hours today.  30 minutes on the standard cross trainer.  30 minutes on the advanced cross trainer.  60 minutes on the treadmill.  Add in my Fatboy Slim Pandora station, and that 2 hours passes rather quickly.

Food With Attitude

I love the whole “food with attitude” push I’ve been seeing.  Sorg and I were at Rita’s last week.  I happened to look down at my cup to see the following:


Yes.  I was certainly in my happy place while eating my chocolate Italian ice.  But, I’m perfectly content with my food not having a personality of its own – or assuming a personality on my behalf.

As mentioned previously, I know this trend has been going on for a while now.  Fast food restaurants in particular have added sass to their product labeling.  Sorg and I were at Sheetz, and this was on the inside of the wrapping for my sandwich:



I believe the most interesting “talking food” was discovered when I opened a package of Pop Tarts:

Pop Tarts


While I think the idea of the speech bubbles is creative, and it did kinda make me chuckle for a moment, is it really necessary?  I don’t need to think about my food as anything other than something I am eating.  I certainly don’t need to envision it having a personality.

More Random Thoughts

This is one of those days when my brain just won’t shut off.  I keep thinking about everything.  So, this is going to be one of those kinds of posts.  I apologize in advance for any disjointed or confusing ramblings that follow – or for any darker thoughts.

Maybe I am having a harder time about my sister turning 30 than I thought I was.  And, by my sister turning 30, I mean my turning 34 later this year.  There are a ton of things that I really wanted to accomplish by the time I’m 35.  And, that life plan certainly included my 2.5 children by this point.  That seems to be a tough sticking point lately.  There are days when I think maybe it’s better that we don’t have children.  We’re doing a lot of other things in life, and we wouldn’t be able to be doing those things if children were in the picture.  But, then there are days (like today) when I realize that I can hear my biological clock ticking ever so loudly in my ear.  I woke up  this morning and saw a gray hair.  Any other day, that probably wouldn’t have bothered me.  Today?  Today, that hair signified that despite my “you’re as old as you think you are” philosophy, I am getting older.  And, part of getting older is having to let go of certain things.  There is a point where I seriously have to consider whether or not I want to raise children, and the circumstances surrounding that.  If I have, let’s say for argument’s sake 5 years within which to get pregnant, do I really want to deal with raising a child born when I’m 40?  By the time the kid turns 18 I’ll be 58.  Add another 4 years for college, and I’m looking at 62.  Let’s say he or she waits until 25 to get married.  I’m already up to 65.  Granted, 65 can still be considered reasonably young by standards of old age.  But I always wanted to be one of those grandparents who did a lot with my grandchildren.  If I’m 65 by the time my children potentially get married, that means I’ll tentatively be 66 or older when grandchildren come into the picture.  If I am blessed with a grandchild at that age, the clock starts all over for being around for monumental parts of his or her life.  18 years would put me at 83 by the time he or she would be graduating from high school.  Add another 4 years for college, and I’m looking at 87.  If he or she waits until 25 to get married, I’m looking at 90.  With a family history of Alzheimer’s, am I even going to be able to be a part of any of this?  And, thus this is the discussion I’ve found stuck in my head.  And, while I can usually look at the bright side of things and get past it, today is apparently not one of those days.  On that note, I think I’m going to head off and try to put the rest of this day behind me.  Hopefully tomorrow’s a little brighter.

You Know You’re “Dieting” When…

We all know I’ve been on a health kick pretty much since August or so of last year.  I’ve been watching what I’m eating, and I joined a gym in an effort to lose some weight and get into shape – or at least a shape other than round.  I had one of those moments where I actually realized I’m on the right track today.

It’s March.  Which means McDonald’s has their Shamrock Shake.

Normally, this far into March I would have already had a dozen of those bad boys.  (I really love them.)  This year?  I think I’ve only had one Shamrock Shake.  And, when I did – I GOT A SMALL ONE!

Since when did I become a responsible person with regard to actually paying attention to what I’m eating?

And, the Shamrock Shake isn’t all.

I track what I eat, as well as my workouts, through the Daily Burn tracker.  Sure, there have been days when I’ve eaten stuff I probably shouldn’t have.  But, what I’ve realized is that the quantity of those items is less and they’re less frequent.

A couple of years ago, I would have totally downed a large Shamrock Shake at least one a week during March.  I would have eaten two Filet O’Fish sandwiches while I was at it, and a large order of french fries.   And, that would have been one meal.  I may have skipped breakfast, but dinner would have certainly been a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of bread and butter.  And, then there was the Mountain Dew.  As I don’t drink coffee, soft drinks are my source of caffeine.  I used to drink a 20-oz bottle of Mountain Dew daily.  Then I upped that to a 24-oz bottle, and finally topped it off at a 1-liter bottle.

If I am in fact “dieting” at this point, I can honestly say I’m okay with that.  (Just thinking about how I used to eat makes me realize just how much better I am for actually paying attention to what I eat now.)

Today Is My Baby Sister’s 30th Birthday

I’m not one of those OH-MY-GOD-I’M-GETTING-OLD kind of people.  In my opinion, age is a state of mind.  As long as you think and feel young, you can still be young at heart – even if you’re 87.

I do periodically have one of those moments where my physical age creeps up and taps me on the shoulder.  Today is one of those days.  My baby sister (she loves it when I call her that, I’m sure) turns 30 today.  Which means I will be 34 this year.

34 isn’t 54.  But, it’s not 24 either.

I’m certainly not saying I want to go back to 24.  But, there are certainly things I’ve wanted to accomplish before I hit 35.  Which means I have a little over year to get my butt in gear.

In the meantime, I’m going to take the day to wish my little sister a happy birthday – and to welcome her to life after the 20s.  Here’s to hoping her day is as wonderful and special as she is.

Monday Night RAW

This is going to be another short one because my day is crazy packed.  After work, I will be whisked away for tonight’s live Monday Night RAW at Consol.

Sorg and I are going with a small group of friends.  But, when we went to the show in December it was great (and all sorts of fun with the group we went with).  Tonight’s supposed to be the live Wrestlemania contract signing between Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

Admittedly, I enjoy the shows leading up to Wrestlemania.  They give a resurgent push for things.  The potential downside is how that correlates to a 3-hour RAW.  So, we’ll see.


While I am not normally a numbers person, there have been some numbers I’ve been paying plenty of attention to lately.  This whole trying to lose weight thing has been rough.  As long as I keep track of the number of calories I consume, as well as the number of calories I exert, I can stay focused.

My focus on those numbers has been a little lackluster as of late.  But, today.  Today I regained some focus.  Sorg and I went to the gym this morning.  Before we headed out, I entered my morning calorie intake.  While I had eaten more than I should have (there were some leftover Oreos from the wedding cake samples yesterday) my calorie intake wasn’t that bad.

With that knowledge in hand, I was able to work harder at the gym.  And, work harder I certainly did.  30 minutes on the cross trainer for a total of 326 calories, and 1 hour on the treadmill on maximum “hill” setting for a total of 800 calories meant my workout was worth 1126 calories to offset those Oreos!

My hope is that I can keep on track and manage those numbers to assist in lowering another number as summer approaches.